Datasets of Envisaging Mitigation Action can Induce Lower Discounting toward Future Environmental Gains and Promote Pro-environmental Behavior

Published: 26 September 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cspk6srm9d.1
Wen-Bin Chiou


We conducted two laboratory experiments to test whether engaging in EFT regarding mitigating action would reduce the tendency to discount the future and increase the tendency to perform pro-environmental behavior. Specifically, Experiment 1 examined whether engaging in EFT to envisage life events related to mitigating action is associated with a lower level of discounting toward future environmental gains and a higher likelihood of using air conditioning in an energy-saving manner. Experiment 2 was a replication study in which the effects of engaging in mitigation-EFT on other pro-environmental behaviors (e.g., adopting a diet with lower environmental impact and participating in a beach cleaning activity) were examined. Additionally, the mediating role of discounting in the relationship between engaging in mitigation-EFT and pro-environmental behavior was tested.



Discounting, Pro-Environmental Behavior