WristWidget retrospective 2019

Published: 2 April 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/ctyv7mjy6v.2
Simon Kim,


Clinical data of patients with arthroscopically confirmed TFCC lesion including preoperative weight bearing capacity tests. We tested the difference between weight bearing capacity of the injured hand compared to the healthy hand and to the injured hand with WristWidget. Further analysis compared the groups: traumatic vs degenerative lesion; stable vs unstable DRUJ determined by the need for a stabilising operation. Data includes Patient ID, age at time of injury/symptom onset (A_Verletzung), handedness (R_L, right=1), injured side (Verl_R_L, right=1, left=2), supposed aetiology (Trauma: 1=traumatic, 2= degenerative), DASH-score (DASH_T0, points), time until examination (Verl_bis_T0, days), pain on forced supination/pronation (fPronation_T0 and fSupination_T0, yes=1, no=2), clinical stability of the DRUJ of the affected hand (DRUG_Stab_T0, 1=unstable, 2=stable), clinical stability of the DRUJ of the other hand (DRUG_Stab_K_T0, 1=unstable, 2=stable), pain on pressure on the ulnar fovea (TFCC_Druck_T0, yes=1, no=2), pain on forced ulnarduction (Abkant_T0, yes=1, no=2), handgrip of both hands (Jamar_R_T0 for right and Jamar_L_T0 for left, in kg), weight bearing capacity in kg of both hands (WB for weight bearing, li for left, re for right, krank for affected hand, gesund for other hand, in kg), weight bearing capacity of both hands with wristwidget (WB for weight bearing, WW for wristwidget), extension of the wrist during weight bearing test (Ext_max_re/li_T0 in degrees), derived variables concerning the weight bearing test (WB_Proz_T0 = WB_krank_T0/WB_gesund_T0; Diff_WW... = WB_WW- WB in kg; Proz_WB_WW... =WB_WW/WB*100), range of motion in degrees for dorsal/palmarflexion (D_re/li_T0 and P_re/li_T0, re for right, li for left), ulnar/radialduction (U_re/li_T0 and R_re/li_T0, re for right, li for left), pro/supination (Sup_re/li_T0 and Pro_re/li_T0, re for right, li for left), range of motion (Summe_ROM_re/li_T0 = D+P+U+R), sum of pronation and supination (Summe_SP_re/li_T0), range of motion of affected hand relative to other hand (ROM_Proz_T0= Summe_ROM_aa_T0 / Summe_ROM_bb_T0*100 with aa=Verl_R_L and re for right and li for left), sum of pronation and supination compared to the other hand (ROM_SP_Proz_T0=Summe_SP_aa_T0/Summe_SP_bb_T0), the same with differentiation between affected hand (krank) and other hand (gesund) differentiation between traumatic and degenerative lesions in the MRI report (MRT_ukb_traumatischdegenerativ, 0=no injury seen, 1=traumatic, 2=degenerative, MRI field strength (Tesla, value in Tesla, some missing values), static ulnar variance (Röntgenbefund_Ulna, , dynamic ulnar variance in mm, weight bearing test capacity during x-ray, derived variables regarding the weight bearing test, information about stabilising operation, information about intraoperative assessment on type of lesion (traumatic/degenerative). Further information on request as description field is limited.



Universitatsmedizin Greifswald


Hand, Traumatology