Quasi analytical solution for the Diffussion process in a downstream compartement

Published: 21 November 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cw6bf7t3nr.1


This package contains additional material for the calculation of the quasi-analytical solution with Mathematica - Mathematica script (wls file tested with version 11.2), that ... - numerically calculates the solution of equation(8) for a variety of parameters gamma_tilde, - adapts a quasi-numerical solution with their coefficients, - creates plots of the solution for a variety of parameters gamma_tilde, - and performs many more tests for accuracy of the solution. - It cannot be guaranteed that the script runs with Mathematica version lower than 11 - The script is ready-to-run, does not need further input, but produce a lot of output - a zip-File with data-rows of the numerical solution f(t,1) for a variety of parameters gamma_tilde - a nb (notebook) file with the script and additionally the output of Mathematica - a pdf file of the *.nb file, for the case that the script does not properly



Physics, Diffusion