Data and reproducible analysis for "Onshore wind and the likelihood of planning acceptance: Learning from a Great Britain context"

Published: 18 February 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cwn2y977nn.1
Michael Harper


This data supports the paper "Onshore wind and the likelihood of planning acceptance: learning from a Great Britain context" The full paper is available at Energy Policy


Steps to reproduce

This dataset includes the full set of statistical analysis used for producing the results. To reproduce the analysis, users should open the `WindTurbineStats/AcceptanceRatesWind.Rproj` file into RStudio. Custom code and functions are contained within the `WindAnalysis` package within the directory `WindTurbineStats/package`. This can be installed within the build tab in RStudio or alternatively using the function `devtools::install_local("package")`. Once installed, users can run the full statistical checks within the `_code` subdirectory, or view the paper within the `_paper` subdirectory. Both of these sets of analysis have been produced in R Markdown.


University of Southampton


Wind Turbine, Renewable Energy, Statistical Analysis