CANDU-6 Model

Published: 10 November 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cx29dmp85d.1
Aaron Burkhardt


Repository containing the Serpent 2 input files and output data for a 3D CANDU-6 quarter core. The "Input Files" folder contains: - The Portable Batch System file - The refueling and error checking python script - The Serpent 2 CANDU-6 model files. The "Output Files" folder contains: - The raw Serpent 2 output files are unavailable in this repository due to size constraints (120 GB total). -- Use the below contact information if you want the original output files. -- Alternatively, use the "Steps to reproduce" to create your own. - The CANDU-Spent_Fuel500 CSV containing the spent fuel data for each fuel bundle position. -- Note this data is indicative of when each fuel bundle was removed (refueled) from the reactor and is not an instantaneous snapshot of a whole model. Aaron W. Burkhardt Use subject: CANDU-6 Raw Data Request


Steps to reproduce

To reproduce the raw Serpent 2 output files: 1. Run the burnmodel.pbs file, using an index range of {1..500} on line 25. !!!Warning: This can take upwards of 19 years of CPU time. It is highly recommended to run one iteration using the last fuelmats file if you only want one set of output files!!! - Requires Sperpent 2.1.xx, Python 3.x, and SerpentTools - Make sure to personalize PBS settings and directory paths to your own system. - Optional: Use the fuelmatsinit Serpent material definition file as the initial fuel composition file. - Optional: Use the history.csv file to retrace the exact refueling pattern. 2. Use the SerpentTools python toolkit to evaluate your results. - The CANDU-Spent_Fuel500 CSV can be recreated by extracting the isotopic data from each file for each refueling following the refueling schedule saved in history.csv.


Air Force Institute of Technology


Nuclear Engineering, Monte Carlo Simulation, Nuclear Fuel, Nuclear Data, Nuclear Proliferation