spatial access primary care selangor 2018

Published: 23 May 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cx2djrdjkz.1
jabrullah ab hamid


Data on spatial accessibility score to primary care services, calculated using enhanced two-step floating catchment area (E2SFCA) method. This is a processed data and is an integrated data combined from several datasets. Original population data was from Population & Housing Census 2010 owned by Department of Statistics Malaysia, DOSM (restricted data), primary care services facilities were from publicly available data (, and road network data were from National Geospatial Centre, NGC Malaysia (restricted data). Due to restricted data sharing policy by the data custodian (DOSM, NGC Malaysia), only 30% samples of the data were shared and with no identifier (including geographical coordinate).


Steps to reproduce

Outcome variables are as_pub, as_pri and as_tot; where as_pub = accessibility score to public clinics; as_pri = accessibility score to private clinics; as_tot = total accessibility scores. Mean scores can be calculated and depicted in map using appropriate software. Processed data in .dta format (STATA software).


Universiti Putra Malaysia


Health Sciences