Segmenting by motivation in dark tourism

Published: 30 April 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cxptrf5y22.1
Miguel Belo


Research data for the article "Segmenting by motivation in dark tourism: The Muzeum’s case as a Dark Immersive Theatre Experience". This research seeks to contribute for the enhancement of Dark Immersive Theatre Experiences (DITE) as a dark tourism product, as an emergent phenomenon that is growing in popularity. To this end, the study evaluates the tourism potential of such experiences, clarifies its motivations and segments its participants. Data were collected from questionnaires completed by 244 DITE’s participants. Exploratory factor analysis identified motivations to DITE, revealing that participants are mainly driven by horror and immersion. Based on such motivational factors, k-means clustering method classified participants into four segments: naturally motivated, horror driven, immersion driven and to be motivated. These segments were then tested for differences using ANOVA, chi-square, and cross-tabulating tests, showing significant differences in regarding to previous experience, enjoyment in being scared, level of expectations, tourism potential and age. Strategies focused on achieving DITE’s tourism potential are presented.



Universidade de Lisboa Instituto de Geografia e Ordenamento do Territorio


Tourism, Dark Tourist