The Representation of Marginalized Voices in Uzma Aslam Khan's Novel Trespassing: A Case Study on the Character of Salaamat

Published: 14 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/cz4k5cmgwp.1
Irbab Younis Hakim


Salaamat is a prism through which Khan reflects the voices of the marginalized. This study investigates Salaamat's image as a microcosm of multifaceted marginalization via postcolonial and ecocritical lenses. Salaamat expresses resistance to corporate meddling, environmental exploitation, colonial consequences, and current societal apathy. The narrative calls for ecological harmony and inclusive society systems. This study raises serious questions about the portrayal of literature and Salaamat's position as a catalyst for societal inquiry. Finally, "Trespassing" promotes societal paradigms based on inclusivity, environmental awareness, and empathy.


Steps to reproduce

The research was gathered through a systematic approach to ensure reproducibility. I have employed established methods and protocols tailored to the research questions.


The University of Lahore