In-Plane Capacity of Multi-Leaf Stone Masonry Walls Dataset

Published: 3 October 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/czs9vvy8h4.1
Sujit Bhandari


The dataset contains the scripts of ANSYS Mehanical APDL (MAPDL), a scripting software by ANSYS Inc. used for the Master in Structural Engineering Thesis and articles produced thereof. The list of assumptions can be found at Bhandari, Sujit (2018), "A Simplified Capacity Assessment Technique for Multi-Leaf Stone Masonry Structures", M.S. Thesis, Tribhuvan University. Some of the key points of the dataset are: 1. SOLID 185 defined by 8 nodes and 3 degree of freedom was used to represent the wall element 2. Planar Contact Elements (CONTA174 and TARGET170) were used to represent the interaction between the leaves of the wall 3. Drucker-Prager Concrete Failure Model was employed to model the nonlinearity of masonry 4. Cantilever support condition was assumed for the walls 5. Precompression pressure from top is applied in the first step and then pushover is conducted in second step



Civil Engineering Structure, Masonry Structure, Structural Finite Element