Code and Data to assess Air Quality over southeastern Brazil Part I

Published: 22 April 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/d2dmnjn7xf.1
noelia rojas benavente


The data (T2m, RH2m, WD10m, WS10m, Nox, O3, CO and PM2.5) simulated obtained by the WRF-Chem model were extracted at surface level in 60 coordinate points, corresponding to the CETESB air quality stations, distributed in the state from São Paulo. These CETESB data also provide both meteorological and chemical parameters similar to the WRF-Chem model. The comparison between the simulated data with the observational data was carried out for the validation of the WRF-chem model over the southeast of Brazil. On the other hand, two additional stations were considered in this validation, the IAG-USP and Botucatu stations. Considering this last station, some particular events were found where the concentration of O3 over the MASP impacted on the City of Botucatu. That event is displayed using the "" script, located in the "event" paste.



Universidade de Sao Paulo


Atmospheric Chemistry, Atmosphere Modelling