Data for: Enhancing the Seeking Safety Group Intervention with Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Practice: A Program Evaluation

Published: 20 March 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/d3cszmkr47.1
Thomas Murphy, Amanda Rumsey, Nikki Elston, Moneta Sinclair, Rico Curtis-Davidson, Franco Dispenza, Catherine Chang`


Seeking Safety is an evidence-based manualized group counseling intervention designed to address trauma and addiction as co-occurring conditions. This qualitative utilization-focused program evaluation analyzed the effectiveness of enhancing Seeking Safety with a Trauma-Sensitive (TA) yoga practice integrated into the Seeking Safety group intervention. Data were generated from key informant interviews, and focus groups. A research team then analyzed all data sources using narrative analysis of transcripts and documents to assess the efficacy of Seek-ing Safety with the yoga enhanced intervention. Implications and recommendations for further research on the use of TS yoga with Seeking Safety are discussed. Code books, subjectivity statements and memos are included in the data set.



Counseling, Addiction, Trauma, Yoga