Metaphor Peculiarities in Lexical-Semantic Phrases of the Group "Gastronomy" in Russian and Chinese

Published: 17 November 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/d3nb67xmh3.1
Natalia Mikheeva,


Phraseological expressions are the quintessence of language and contain rich and diverse cultural information. Therefore, the study of phraseological units has become one of the difficulties in the study of Russian and Chinese languages. Phraseological expressions with a food component are an important part of the phraseological culture, and most of the words with the meaning of "gastronomy" use metaphors to express their figurative meaning. To master the phraseological units better, it is necessary to know about the cultural information and features of metaphor in phraseological units in Chinese and Russian. Based on G. Lakoff's point of view, this paper considers metaphor as part of the cognitive process to analyze the relationship between the characteristics of metaphor and cultural information. Through a comparative analysis of metaphor differences in phraseological units with "food" semantics in two countries and generalization of metaphor specifics, the relationship between metaphor, thinking, phraseological units and culture is revealed. Attention is paid to the definition of the concept of metaphor and the features of metaphor are analyzed on the materials of phraseological semantics "bread", "pie", "fish". It is proved that metaphor acts as a method of thinking, is fixed in languages, including phraseological units, and is influenced by culture. In the phraseological expressions with the component "rice", "pie" and "fish" we see the differences of the Chinese and Russian food customs and concepts about the same thing. Behind these cultural differences there are differences in geography, agriculture, economy, etc. There are lot of works on the study of phraseology, but research on the relationship of phraseology with culture and metaphors in the Chinese and Russian languages is still insufficient. Clarifying the specificity of metaphor helps not only to understand and use phraseological expressions better but also to overcome the obstacles of cultural communication between different countries, especially between China and Russia.


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