Normative reference value of abdominal core strength in normal weight, overweight and obese asymptomatic young adults: A cross sectional study

Published: 27 April 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/d57kt6kssw.1


Aim: The aim of this study was to find the normative value of abdominal core muscles strength in asymptomatic young adults with different Body Mass Index (BMI). Method: A cross sectional study was performed among individual asymptomatic young adults with age group of 18 to 35 years, both male and female participants who met inclusion was enrolled in this study. To assess the strength of the abdominal core muscle (Transverse Abdominis and Multifidus) Pressure Biofeedback Unit (PBU) was used under the guidance of diagnostic ultrasound for determining the isolated contraction of the Transverse Abdominis and Multifidus. Results: The normality of demographic data and outcome variables were determined by using Shapiro- Wilk test as the sample size is 47 (p-value ≥ 0.05). Further Kruskal-Wallis test was applied for between-group comparison as most of the normality was not normally distributed.


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The normative reference value of abdominal core strength in asymptomatic young adults was normal weight participants (TrA= 3-12 mmHg, Multifidus=1-8 mmHg), overweight (TrA= 2-9 mmHg, Multifidus= 1-7 mmHg) and Obese (TrA= 1-6 mmHg, Multifidus= 0-3 mmHg).


Maharishi Markandeshwar University


Abdominal Pressure, Young Adult