Well-being as a tool to improve productivity in existing office space

Published: 11 April 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/d5g9vwt28s.1
Miral Hamadah


this research is a study of the traditional offices design strategies, and new office design trends that targets enhancing employees productivity. Through analyzing Googleplex office building, Amazonspheres office building and studying the WELL building rating system we conducted a design criteria to apply on existing office buildings to enhance productivity and well-being of occupants. With various sources agreeing on the top influencing design factors on productivity being thermal comfort, air quality (natural ventilation), and natural light. We apply the conducted design criteria of the case study office from "Cairo Petroleum Building" office building in Alexandria/Egypt that suffered from exisive heatgain and uncomfortable glare to the south and east offices caused by the building full curtain wall facades and low % of operable windows. we simulate the base case and post implementation offices with Design builder computer software. first we validate the base case variables through "the Correlation Coefficient" formula which scores R2=0.993. After comparing simulkation results we find that through adding automatic shading devices to the curtain wall facades, 25%-30% operable windows ( high and low windows for different seasons) and high window for natural ventilation and cross-ventilation, resulted in lowering the air temperature by minimum 2.4% in June and maximum 6.5% in November. Temperature distribution enhanced by an average of 7% , thermal heat gain was reduced by average 20.2%-35.6%, Air flow increased by 20%, and lastly Direct sunlight area decreased by 9% in January (Winter), 21.9% in April (Spring), 14.3% in July (Summer), and 10% in October (Autumn).


Steps to reproduce

all the data was simulated using the computer software Designbuilder. after drawing the case study building floor plan we modelled the building on designbuilder to simulate the results of the base case and the post implementation.


Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport College of Engineering and Technology, Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport


Architecture, Productivity, Employee Well-Being