Methionine supplementation during a hydrogen peroxide challenge alters components of insulin signaling and antioxidant proteins in subcutaneous adipose explants

Published: 28 September 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/d5xdrgdkjb.1
Juan Loor


This file contains Supplemental tables describing: Suppl. Table 1. Non-exhaustive compilation of manuscripts dealing with dairy cow adipose tissue explant cultures available in PubMed. Suppl. Table 2. Gene symbol, accession number, and forward and reverse primer sequence of the genes analyzed. Suppl. Table 3. RT-qPCR performance among the genes measured in adipose tissue explants. Suppl. Table 4. Antibody symbol, catalog number, company, dilution ratio, and antibody name for antibodies measured. Suppl. Figure 1. Representative blots of proteins in subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT; n = 4/treatment) cultured in media with an “ideal” profile of essential amino acids (CTR; Lys: Met 2.9:1), SAT incubated with CTR plus 100 μM H2O2 (HP), or SAT incubated with CTR plus enhanced Met supply plus 100 μM H2O2 (HPMET; Lys:Met 2.5:1).



University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Nutrition, Amino Acids, Adipose Tissue, Antioxidant, Dairy Science