IoT trace files for the DISSECT-CF-Fog simulator

Published: 24 May 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/d6jhwddf9r.1
Andras Markus,


This repository contains numerous IoT trace files for the DISSECT-CF-Fog simulator to model a realistic and a more punctual appearance of the IoT sensor data in the IoT-Fog-Cloud system. These files are publicly available on the internet, but we had to slightly or significantly modify them to be usable for simulation purposes. The modifications are mostly related to the order of the data, the timestamp and the file extension. References: * The Weather Station: (04.04.2021.) * Intel Lab Data: (04.07.2021.) * Commercial Building Energy Dataset elérhetősége: (04.05.2021.) * AMPds: (04.16.2021.) * Archive Sensor Community: (04.03.2021.) * NYC Uber: (04.11.2021.) * Household Electric Power Consumption: (04.26.2021.) * Porto Taxi: (04.11.2021.) * NYC Taxi: (04.30.2021.) * EPM Dataset: (04.11.2021.) * CityPulse: (04.11.2021.) * Beach Weather Stations: (04.11.2021.) * MERLSense Data: (04.07.2021.) * Peking Taxi: (04.03.2021.) The simulator is available on GitHub: For any inquries contact us by email to: markusa (at)



Internet of Things