Energy Consumption Dataset

Published: 12 June 2023| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/d6tzhvp8pr.3
Tahir Aja Zarma,
, Oghorada Oghenewvogaga


Global energy crisis and ozone layer depletion because of carbon emission has increased the encouragement and penetration renewable energy sources as source of electric power and hence the sizing of the renewable energy source. However, sizing of energy power system requires the information one is addressing as such demand of the load is very necessary. The Load demand data of Nile University campus is obtained from its power station one for a period of eight month. The data was measured from the bus bar of the power station using smart meters on a weekly basis. The power station one of Nile University campus is characterized by three diesel generators, the public utility, and photo-voltaic solar systems. These power generating systems are synchronized at a common bus bar and used to power the university campus. The campus is composed of five blocks which is powered by the PS1.



Energy Demand, Integration of Renewable Power Source