AIWR Dataset

Published: 10 August 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/d73mpc529b.2
, Olarik Surinta


Aerial Image Water Resources (AIWR) Dataset According to the standard of land use code by fundamental geographic data set (FGDS), Thailand land use classification requires an analysis and transformation of satellite images data together with field survey data. In this article, researchers studied only land use in water bodies. The water bodies in this research can be divided into 2 levels: natural body of water (W1) artificial body of (W2) water. The aerial image data used in this research was 1:50 meters. Every aerial image had 650x650 pixels. Those images included water bodies type W1 and W2. Ground truth of all aerial images was set for before sending it to be analyzed and interpreted by remote sensing experts. This assured that the water bodies groupings were correct. An example of ground truth, which has been checked by experts. Ground truth has been used in learning the algorithm in deep learning mode and also used in further evaluation. The aerial images used in the experiment consists of water body: types W1 and W2. Aerial image water resources dataset, AIWR has 800 images. Data were chosen at random and divided into 3 sections: training, validation, and test set with ratio 8:1:1. Therefore, 640 aerial images were used for learning and creating the model, 80 images were used for validation, and the remaining 80 images were used for test.



Mahasarakham University


Image Segmentation, Convolutional Neural Network, Deep Learning