COMPILED DATA: NFHS 5 data for zonal burden of Alcohol use in India. Compiled from NFHS 5 data available on

Published: 11 September 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/d7b8wmdt2h.1
Vishal Tikhute


This is not a primary data, it is secondary data available under public domain. The dataset is result of compilation (and calculation of additional columns) of NFHS 5 data available on The secondary datasets used for this data are available freely under public domain by IIPS India/ (please refer "related links" NOTE: Information available on tables in this excel workbook/sheet is calculated by using NFHS 5 datasets available at,. Sources for respective datasets - 1. NFHS 5 Factsheets Data. Downloaded from: 2. NFHS 5 India Districts Factsheet Data. Downloaded from:


Steps to reproduce

Downloaded from 1. Added additional columns - "Number of WOMEN who consume alcohol" "Number of MEN who consume alcohol" and "TOT users of alcohol" by multiplying 'Women/men age 15 years and above who consume alcohol (%)" * Number of Women/Men age 15-54 years interviewed (i.e. sample size). 2. Applied v-lookup for 'zones' (downloaded indian zones list from internet) 3. respective columns (prevalence for men/women and rural/urban areas) in table 1 and 2 were completed applying v-lookup formula 4. P value was calculated using T Test (paired, one tail) in excel.


India Ministry of Health and Family Welfare


India, Family Health, National Surveys