Supplementary Figure 1 and Supplemetary Table 1

Published: 3 November 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/d7y72gvcx9.1
Fallon Chipidza,
Manisha Thakuria,
Jonathan Schoenfeld,
Ann Silk,
Paul Catalano,
Charles Yoon,
Glenn Hanna,
James DeCaprio,
Roy Tishler,
Danielle Margalit


Supplementary Figure 1: Flow chart of data selection from the National Cancer Database starting with the original 39,182 patients with patients with cutaneous invasive malignancies. Supplementary Table 1: The association between treatment center volume (TCV) and overall survival. TCV was modeled as a continuous variable and an exploratory sensitivity analysis determined the lowest threshold TCV associated with an OS difference. The model was adjusted for patient, tumor-specific, management, and hospital-setting characteristics.