Greenfield/ Brownfield supply chain data-set-1

Published: 16 March 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/d86k3d5648.1
lokesh saxena


This data set is employed to investigate a comprehensive a multi-period fuzzy goal programme considering carbon tax policy tyre remanufacturing strategic SC planning model for Greenfield and Brownfield SC design i.e. Reconfigurable supply chain to enable tyre remanufacturing companies (especially in Indian context) to make trade-off between business economics and environmental performance objective. The environmental performance objective accounts for the one major serious concern within environmentally conscious community: the carbon emission.The integrated tyre remanufacturing supply chainstrategic planning model examine important aspects such as carbon emission and Group decision making environment. Author used the model on a case motivated by a real-life problem in an Indian tyre remanufacturing industry supply chain. Authors conducted the study on Indian Tyre remanufacturing , the case industry. Author collected the relevant data from a Tyre remanufacturing case company ‘ABC’ in India. ABC remanufactures the used tyres of commercial vehicles such as Truck, Bus, Jeep etc. The company has 6 remanufacturing plants in India. The data were also gathered from ABC, tyre remanufacturing companies and other small scale remanufacturers located in the Northern part India.It is not possible to give the detailed data used here due to the sensitivity of the remanufacturing companies to make their data public. However, all parameters were used in a realistic order of magnitude.



Green Supply Chain