Lab::Measurement—A portable and extensible framework for controlling lab equipment and conducting measurements

Published: 24 August 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/d8rgrdc7tz.1
S. Reinhardt,
C. Butschkow,
S. Geissler,
A. Dirnaichner,
F. Olbrich,
C. E. Lane,
D. Schröer,
A. K. Hüttel


Lab::Measurement is a framework for test and measurement automatization using Perl 5. While primarily developed with applications in mesoscopic physics in mind, it is widely adaptable. Internally, a layer model is implemented. Communication protocols such as IEEE 488, USB Test & Measurement, or, e.g., VXI-11 are addressed by the connection layer. The wide range of supported connection backends enables unique cross-platform portability. At the instrument layer, objects correspond to equipment connected to the measurement PC (e.g., voltage sources, magnet power supplies, multimeters, etc.). The high-level sweep layer automates the creation of measurement loops, with simultaneous plotting and data logging. An extensive unit testing framework is used to verify functionality even without connected equipment. Lab::Measurement is distributed as free and open source software.



Computational Physics