Anthropogenic Effects of Play Behavior.

Published: 19 September 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/d8spyjpbbd.1
Rose Amrhein,


We investigated how human-derived food and conflict affect the intensity of play behavior in green monkeys across six sites in Barbados. We found that high levels of human-derived food correlated with significant decreases in play intensity. Comparisons at Grenade Hall from 2021 (before tourism returned) and 2022 (after tourism returned) showed that increased human conflict also decreases play intensity. Set 1: This was all data used for the average play intensity comparison across 6 groups. Groups are ordered from high to low levels of derived food. Set 2: This was the average intensity data for both years of Grenade Hall Forest group. "Grenade Second" indicates 2022 after tourism returned to normal levels. Set 3: General information on human interactions at sites



University of Louisville


Animal Behavior, Primatology


Animal Behavior Society

University of Louisville