Shutoff of host transcription triggers a toxin-antitoxin system to cleave phage RNA and abort infection (Guegler and Laub 2021)

Published: 16 February 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/d9dphh55cj.1
Chantal Guegler,


Data contains the raw data/original gel images for all cell serial dilution spotting assays, phage spotting assays, gels, and Northern and Western blots shown in Guegler and Laub 2021: - Figure 1C: toxI rescue of ToxN overexpression - Figure 1G: T4 spotting on +toxIN, -toxIN, and +toxI-toxN(K55A) cells - Figure 3J: protein pulse-labeling following T4 infection - Figure 4B: Northern blots of toxI and Western blots of ToxN following T4 infection and rifampicin treatment - Figure 4H: T4 spotting assays in +toxIN cells in the presence of exogenous expression of toxI from T4 promoters - Figure 5G: Northern blot of toxI following T7 infection - Figure 5H: Northern blots of groL following T7 and T4 infections - Figure S1C: spotting of various phage on +toxIN, -toxIN, and +toxI-toxN(K55A) cells - Figure S4A: spotting of T4 on +toxIN, -toxIN, and +toxI-toxN-His6 cells - Figure S5H: spotting of P1_virulent on E. coli MG1655, E. coli MG1655 delta(mazEF), and E. coli MG1655 delta(10TA)



Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Microbiology, Transcription, Bacteria, Bacteriophage