Data for: Using Optical Fibers to Examine Thermal Mixing of Liquid Sodium in a Pool-Type Geometry

Published: 30-06-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/d9r5knrcjj.1
James Schneider,
Mark Anderson


TC&Flow Data for the PLOF and ULOF experiment are strictly from measurements made by the thermocouples at distinct heights within the test section. The thermocouples protrude approximately 1" into the test section. The flow data is from a flow meter measuring flow in a 1 inch schedule 40 stainless steel pipe upstream from the inlet into the test section. Fiber Data given demonstrates a unique temperature measurement at each location on the fiber over time. The length of the fiber is measured where '0' is the bottom of the test section and the maximum length measured is roughly the sodium level. The provided parasolid is a model of the test section as-built. If a different model is required inquires can be made to the contributing author.