Data for "Dominant wavelength: A tool for morphological simplification of stylolites. "

Published: 25 January 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/d9tym45y3y.1
André Davi Ferreira,
, Marcella C


DWL scripts, and stylolites datasets for the paper entitled: "Dominant wavelength: A tool for morphological simplification of stylolites". Any questions please send an email to: or Supplementary Material A: Folder with three folders: Folder1: "octave or matlab executable"; Folder2: "output files", Folder3: "source code" --1) Folder1: "octave or matlab executable" Three files: "dwl_script.m": Script for extracting dominant wavelength in digitalized stylolites. Steps to reproduce: 1. Read CSV files, with X and Y coordinates; 2. Remove trends by polynomial regression; 3. Spatial grid information; 4. Fabricate new grid by Y-interpolation; 5. Frequency grid; 6. Fast Fourier Transform; 7. Dominant frequency and wavelength; 8. Bandpass filter (Call function Bandpass); 9. Show results. "Bandpass.m": Apply bandpass filter to the profile f(x), considering the frequency interval [kappa0,kappa1]. Steps to reproduce: 1. Spatial grid information; 2. Frequency grid; 3. Fast Fourier Transform; 4. Multiplication by the filter and inverse transform. "working_sample_1.csv": Cartesian coordinates of a digitized stylolite. Dwl script, Bandpass function and "Working_sample_1.csv" must be in the same folder. --2) Folder2: "output files" Four output figures: "figure_1_bandpass_filter.jpg": Results of applying the bandpass filter in the real frequency domain. "figure_2_stylolite_grid.jpg": Stylolite grid "figure_3_dwl_final_image.jpg": Comparison between the dominant wavelengths and the digitized stylolite. --3) Folder3: "source code" Three files: "bandpass_filter_source_code.txt" "dwl_script_source_code.txt" "working_sample_1.csv": Cartesian coordinates of a digitized stylolite. Supplementary Material B: DWL, geometric data and morphological classification of stylolites. This material consists of four tables: Table 1: Stylolites hosted in Calcitic Breccia; Table 2: Stylolites hosted in Dolomitic Breccia; Table 3: Stylolites hosted in Calcitic Marble; Table 4: Stylolites hosted in Metamarl. "Code and data availability.rar": All code and supplementary materials compressed (.zip).


Steps to reproduce

Please see the file "Supplementary material readme" or the Description


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