Dataset:Test-retest reliability of smart shoes with six-axial plantar force sensors

Published: 2 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dbk2pgnyvc.1
Ryutaro Takeda


The dataset for the article :Test-retest reliability of smart shoes with six-axial plantar force sensors. This dataset contains the gait data obtained from 40 participants using smart shoes named ShokacShoes. Analysis code contains the code of spm1d ( Calcuration of ICC was done using the code by Arash Salarian (2023). [Intraclass Correlation Coefficient (ICC) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. ]


Steps to reproduce

First, execute Compare1STvs2NDSPManalysis.m. You can get the results of SPM1D analysis between 1st and 2nd sessions. The peak value for ICC calculation will be obtained simultaneously. Then, execute CalcICC.m to calculate ICCs for all types of data. After that, execute writedownRightICCtable.m to make Excel table. Data is stored in GaitData folder and you should refer to Varname2.mat to know the kind of data stored as the data struct.


Tokyo Daigaku


Mobile Device, Gait Analysis