An Experimental Study of Neural Approaches to Multi-hop Inference in Question Answering

Published: 5 November 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/dc4sm8ygs9.2
Rafael Corchuelo,


This package provides the experimental configurations, data, results, and implementations required to perform an experimental approach to neural inference in question answering. The folder structure is as follows: - Configurations: provides JSON files with all of the configurations that must be tried out during grid search. - Data: provides the 01K and the 10K bAbI repositories in English (en), Spanish (es), Hindi (hn), and Portuguese (pt). - Results: provides the models learnt in H5 format and the experimental results. The main script is "generate-script.cmd". It is a factory that generates a command-line script called "run-experiments.cmd" that runs all of the experiments in sequence. The remaining are Python scripts that implement our proposal. To run the experimentation, please, create a Python enviroment and install the requirements in file "requirements.txt" using PIP. Activate the enviroment and the execute script "run-experiments.cmd". Please, realise that the original experimentation took roughly 20 months to complete on a high-end server.


Steps to reproduce

See README.txt file.


Artificial Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, Answer Extraction