Dermal invasion of SUM in each nail subunit and correlation with Breslow depth, the total involvement score, and disease free survival

Published: 04-09-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dcfhvrrkb5.1
Hyokyung Yoo


Abbreviations: H0, No hyponychium invasion; H1, Hyponychium invasion; NB0, No nail bed invasion; NB1, nail bed invasion; DNM0, no distal nail matrix invasion; DNM1, distal nail matrix invasion; PNM0, no proximal nail matrix invasion; PNM1, proximal nail matrix invasion; PNF0, no invasion in dorsal roof of proximal nail fold; PNF1, invasion in dorsal roof of proximal nail fold * indicates significant differences according to the Mann-Whitney U test with p <0.05 † indicates significant differences in survival curve according to the log-rank test with p-value<0.05