Head Morphology of Human Spermatozoa in Sri Lankan Population (HMHSSP)

Published: 11 July 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dd3ztck72t.1
Nadun Nissanka


One hundred Vindana Reproductive Healthcare Center patients donated sperm samples. To fix and stain the sperm samples, Dr. Danajaya Rathruwan Perera's staining technique was used. 690 photographs were taken with a Nikon eclipse microscope with a 100 magnification. Each image was 1840 by 1240 pixels in size. The sperm heads in these photographs were cropped and separated into five groups. Pyriform, Amorphous, Tapered, Normal, and Others are the classifications. After classification, only samples whose classification was decided by consensus were kept in the data-set. Dr. Dananjaya Rathruwan Perera validated this data set (Scientist - Reproductive Healthcare). Nadun Nissanka is in charge of developing the data-set.


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Informatics Institute of Technology


Image Processing, Sperm, Andrology