GNSS Clock Corrections

Published: 23 August 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dd5prwnhpv.1


This dataset contains GNSS clock corrections obtained from SVR and ARIMA models as machine learning solutions for solving the latency problem in real-time clock corrections. This dataset contains navigation, observation and clock corrections obtained from the different solutions from 13/01/2014 to 14/01/2014 for nine IGS stations.


Steps to reproduce

This document explains how to use the BNC software in post-processing mode the BNC old version (Bnc28-Windows) software from 2.introduce the coordinate of the marker on the first PPP panel. the post-process mode. 4.Select the navigation file from the navigation folder. the desired station from the observation folder. different clock corrections files in order to obtained different coordinates from different solutions. the output path of the PPP file coordinates. 7. select the antenna excentricity. sure that you select to use the GLONASS. 9. add the path of the exiting antex file igs14.atx 10.The station figures folder contains a scatter plot for all research stations.


Satellite Geodesy