Pitaya seed germination research data

Published: 22-11-2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ddmz8x5spy.1
Andrés Hernández-Pridybailo,
Dessireé Zerpa-Catanho,
Viviana Madrigal-Ortiz,
Adonay Zúñiga-Centeno,
Carolina Porras-Martínez,
Víctor M. Jiménez,
Luis Barboza-Barquero


Research data from "Seed germination of pitaya (Hylocereus spp., Cactaceae): effects of seed extraction method, storage, germination conditions, germination assessment approach and water potential" manuscript. Each .xslx file indicates the corresponding experiment, and each sheet within each file corresponds to the different variables.