Automatic calculation of supersymmetric renormalization group equations and loop corrections

Published: 1 March 2011| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ddntzykb2m.1
Florian Staub


Abstract SARAH is a Mathematica package for studying supersymmetric models. It calculates for a given model the masses, tadpole equations and all vertices at tree-level. This information can be used by SARAH to write model files for CalcHep/CompHep or FeynArts/FormCalc. In addition, the second version of SARAH can derive the renormalization group equations for the gauge couplings, parameters of the superpotential and soft-breaking parameters at one- and two-loop level. Furthermore, it calculates the o... Title of program: SARAH Catalogue Id: AEIB_v1_0 Nature of problem A supersymmetric model is usually characterized by the particle content, the gauge sector and the superpotenial. It is a time consuming process to obtain all necessary information for phenomenological studies from these basic ingredients. Versions of this program held in the CPC repository in Mendeley Data AEIB_v1_0; SARAH; 10.1016/j.cpc.2010.11.030 AEIB_v2_0; SARAH; 10.1016/j.cpc.2013.02.019 AEIB_v2_1; SARAH; 10.1016/j.cpc.2013.06.021 AEIB_v3_0; SARAH; 10.1016/j.cpc.2014.02.018 This program has been imported from the CPC Program Library held at Queen's University Belfast (1969-2018)



Computational Physics, Elementary Particles