Causal interactions identified in hypotheses on relationships between biodiversity, productivity, light and nutrients: dataset to construct causal networks.

Published: 18 March 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ddxr4h7k6r.1
Alejandra Parreno


The data was derived from studies in the literature that have experimentally tested the relation between plant diversity, light, nutrients and productivity. When looking at the methods and statistics of the studies, we noted down the effects that were tested (e.g., nutrient effect on biodiversity changes such as species richness, was noted down as a 1 in the matrix). This is not a meta-analysis, since we noted down the intended connections, not the effect sizes, as in most cases those were missing and the aim of the study was to collect information on hypotheses for comparison.


Steps to reproduce

The search engines “Web of Science” and “Scopus” were used, by browsing in the title, abstract and keywords of papers for the following terms: ((fertilization or nutrient or nitrogen or phosphorus) and (light or shad$ or PAR) and (biodiversity or "biological diversity" or richness or evenness) and (biomass or productivity)). Entries available online were considered for all years up to August 2020. Additional papers were included based on a screening of the results by external experts in community ecology (one professor, one postdoctoral researcher at the department and reviewers) and references considered relevant from all screened papers. See original paper associated for complete protocol. All references from third content owners are in the same dataset. Metadata is in the second sheet.


Universitat Zurich


Ecology, Nutrient, Plant Competition, Biodiversity, Lighting, Plant Community