Problematic Internet use by peer review

Published: 25 March 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/df52vdhft6.1
Waldemar W. Koczkodaj,


The selection to the sample: The selection to the sample was of a random nature. Elementary school students, aged from 12 to 15, were selected from the list of middle-school schools with the help of the k = 2 draw operator. In the next step, classes were selected in the same way with the help of the k = 2 draw operator. The children's parents were asked to take part in the study. The respondents were first asked to provide a list of close friends and family members close to his/her age (excluding parents, grandparents, girlfriends, boyfriends and/or guardians as they are too close by emotional connection with the subjects for an unbiased assessment). Subjects were instructed to list everyone who they could evaluate (not just those who you may suspect of PIU). Friendship or any kind of professional (e.g., study) relationship was regarded as acceptable but more intimate relationships were not since it may impair the objectivity of assessment. In total, 267 participants (subjects) took part. These participants evaluated 1,513 of their peers/significant others. 185 of 267 subjects were elementary school students. They evaluated 1241 peers (745 boys and 498 girls). In addition to this, 82 parents evaluated 272 children, their own children or children they knew (137 girls and 140 boys). Evaluated friends and colleagues were between 10 and 22 years old. In the group of elementary school students, the respondents evaluated an average of 6 peers. The smallest number of peers that the respondent evaluated was one and the largest 24 peers. In the parents' group, the average is 3 (range 1 - 10) children evaluated. Questions: I know his/her gaming use (N/A?). He/she prefers gaming than socializing. His/her acquaintances and/or parents are concerned about his gaming. Gaming impair his/her health, hygiene and eating pattern. He/she avoids other activities? He/she tried to stop gaming but failed. Does gaming negatively affect his/her school performance? I rate his/her gaming as (0=never plays, 3=extremely harmful). My friend's sex is: F - female, M - male.


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Politechnika Rzeszowska im Ignacego Lukasiewicza Wydzial Budowy Maszyn i Lotnictwa, Laurentian University


Addiction Screening, Computer Gaming, Internet Addiction