Data for: Archaeobotanical proxies and archaeological interpretation: a comparative study of phytoliths, seeds and pollen in dung pellets and refuse deposits at Early Islamic Shivta, Negev, Israel

Published: 29 March 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/df69sw2n5x.1
Zachary Dunseth,
Daniel Fuks,
Dafna Langgut,
Ehud Weiss,
Yoel Melamed,
Don Butler,
Xin Yan,
elisabetta boaretto,
Yotam Tepper,
Guy Bar-Oz,
Ruth Shahack-Gross


Detailed information on geoarchaeological, microbotanical and macrobotanical data from archaeological dung pellets and sediments from the Early Islamic (7th-10th centuries CE) desert site of Shivta, Negev, Israel.



Archeology, Palynology, Islamic Period, Phytoliths, Subsistence Economy, Geoarchaeology, Arid Region, Paleodiet, Archaeobotany