Dataset for the slope characteristics of vegetation and biological crust

Published: 13 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dfg2ng6sbv.1
Dan chenxi,


This dataset includes information collected from slopes with artificially cultivated biological crusts of different coverage and transplanted herbaceous and shrubby vegetation.Measurements were conducted for vegetation coverage, biological crust coverage, litter coverage, slope roughness, biological crust biomass, and biological crust thickness, alongside other parameters. These data are valuable for examining the influence of human intervention on the restoration and stability of slope ecosystems, as well as the implications of different vegetation types and combinations of biological crusts for soil erosion control and vegetation restoration.


Steps to reproduce

Vegetation coverage was evaluated through photography, while quadrat techniques were utilized to assess biological crust and litter coverage. Slope roughness was determined using the chain method, and biological crust biomass was measured through the sampling drying method . The thickness of the biological crust was measured with a vernier caliper.


Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University


Erosion, Soil, Biological Soil Crust, Vegetation


National Natural Science Foundation of China

No. U22A20613

National Natural Science Foundation of China

No. 42277344