Maintaining Blood Pressure Would be Effective Treatment against Dementia in Elderly

Published: 23 May 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/dfm3wk2vpf.2
Dr. ESRA SIPAHI, Md. Habibur Rahman


Hypertension is a significant public health apprehension. The commonness keeps rising, and it is a risk issue for a number of unfavorable health outcomes counting a refuse in cognitive utility. The commonness of hypertension and age-related dementia is increasing in Asian countries, within the aged grouping. This review aims to talk about potential treatments for high blood pressure in the aged and suggest a most favorable objective for BP relation to cognitive results. Our review discusses a number of studies on associated blood pressure treatments to stay contentious and the penalty if the action aim is also low or violent. Longitudinal and cross-sectional, studies were incorporated in this appraisal. A most favorable systolic blood pressure of 120-130 mm Hg is not compulsory, particularly in no diabetic hypertensive patients with significant risk factors. The renin-angiotensin scheme (RAS) is extremely occupied in not only hypertension other than also lifestyle-related diseases, and might contribute to the pathological mechanism in dementia; consequently, RAS instruction is anticipated to stop dementia.



Social Sciences, Health