New insights into the cholesterol esterase- and lipase-inhibiting potential of bioactive peptides from camel whey hydrolysates: Identification, characterization, and molecular interaction

Published: 16-04-2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dg9chp9sz6.1
Waqas Baba,
Priti Mudgil,
Bincy Baby


This data set and figures represents effect of various hydrolysis variables on Cholesterol Esterase and lipase inhibiting potential of camel whey hydrolysates. The data represents three way and two interactions of various processing variables on enzyme inhibition by camel milk hydrolysates. About 196 peptides generated by camel whey hydrolysates using a factorial design are also mentioned here. The full research article has been published in journal of dairy science.