Mg/Ca and reconstructed SST data of sediment core ABP-S4, collected from the Indian Sector of the Southern Ocean

Published: 6 July 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dh3jcdf22h.1
vikash kumar,


The sediment core ABP-S4 was collected from the Indian sector of the Southern Ocean (40°3’30’’S; 48°5’44’’E, 3665 m depth). The chronology of the core is based on AMS 14C dates. Age-depth modelling was performed using the program-Undatable. SST values were estimated using a recently developed Bayesian model- BayMag which includes multivariate non-thermal sensitivities from pH, salinity, cleaning and dissolution. The record spans a period from 3.4 Ayr BP to 39.09 Ayr BP. The data file includes age-depth constraints, measured Mg/Ca values, and estimated SST. Mg/Ca analysis was performed using ICP-OES.


Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce the data are summarized in the description