Dataset: Geographical distribution and reed cover of Hungarian fishponds

Published: 6 April 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dh6n2zfkn4.1
Priya Sharma, Mónika Varga, György Kerezsi, Balázs Kajári, Béla Halasi-Kovács , Emese Bozánné Békefi , Gaál Márta, Gergő Gyalog


The data is organized in the following folders: Folder: - “Fishpond_points_HU”: contains the MS Excel file “FP_HU.xlsx” with the coordinates (latitude and longitude) as well as the shapefile “FP_HU.shp” for the fishpond farm locations in Hungary. - “Fishpond_poly_HU”: contains the polygon shapefile for the boundaries of the fishponds - “Reed_Cover_FP_HU”: contains GeoTIFF images for the reed cover present inside the fishponds. The reed cover was mapped by applying the NDVI thresholding method on Sentinel 2 imagery for all seven NUTS2 regions of Hungary from the year 2017 – 2021. The year-wise classified reed cover images can be found in the sub-folders namely: “CH” – Central Hungary, “NH” – Northern Hungary, “CTD” – Central Transdanubia, “STD” - Southern Transdanubia, “WTD”- Western Transdanubia, “SGP” – Southern Great Plain and “NGP” – Northern Great Plain. In order to replicate the study, the Google Earth Engine (GEE) script is also provided in this database.


Steps to reproduce

The assets necessary to conduct the exercise include: - fishpond boundaries (provided in “Fishpond_poly_HU”) - NUTS 2 regions boundaries (can be obtained from After running the code, the final output can be downloaded from Google Earth Engine as GeoTIFF files and can be further processed in any GIS software (e.g., ArcPRO) for reclassification and editing symbology.


Szent Istvan Egyetem


Remote Sensing, Aquaculture, Aquatic Vegetation, Hungary, Fish Farms