Mass Cytometry data for paper 'Defects in NK cell immunity of pediatric cancer patients revealed by deep immune profiling' published in iScience as Syrimi et al. 2024

Published: 10 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dhfp3wzc77.1
Graham Taylor


Data are normalised mass cytometry data produced by the TRICICL study (Tracking Immune Changes in Children with Cancer) using two different mass cytometry antibody panels. Samples were barcoded using CD45-specific antibodies conjugated to different metals to enable cells from multiple individuals to be combined into a single tube for antibody staining and mass cytometry acquisition. These combined samples have been debarcoded and each individual in this dataset therefore has their own FCS file. The anme of each file indicates if the data was from a child with cancer (C) or a child without (HV) and sample numbers correspond to those used in the manuscript. Antibody panel 1 was a general purpose antibody panel used to analyse 39 children (20 with cancer and 19 without) and these data were used to construct Figure 1 and Figure 2. Antibody panel 2 was focused on NK cell analysis and was used to analyse 55 children (31 with cancer and 24 without) these data were used to construct Figure 4 and Figure 5. All samples from children with cancer wre collected before they commenced their treatment.



University of Birmingham


Immunology, Pediatrics, Cancer, Cancer Immunology, Flow Cytometry, Pediatric Oncology, Mass Cytometry


Birmingham Women's and Children's NHS Foundation Trust


Cancer Research UK

CRUK Birmingham Centre