Raw files behind the published paper 'The allergic response mediated by fire ant venom proteins' by Zamith & Fox et al.

Published: 16 September 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dk68nhdvz4.1
Eduardo Fox,


The present dataset compiles raw data behind the published paper 'The allergic response mediated by fire ant venom proteins', published at provided links. We hereby emphasise on the importance of making raw data available to improve reproducibility and enable later reanalysis of precious experimental data. Mainly you will find: - *Raw Data and R scripts* behind the published manuscript - Original data files and preliminary analysis compiled by Daniel Zamith and Ana Paula Monteiro into PRISM software following experimental procedures as described (below, and see publication) carried out by aforementioned individuals plus Eduardo G P Fox. These include: (i) a failed (undiscussed) experiment carried out in September 2016 as an attempt to evaluate further relevant cytokines (e.g. IL5, ILgamma) in the same model but which provided inconsistent results; mainly the controls have apparently failed and we suspect labels got mixed up. We therefore did not include these data in our conclusions. - The first manuscript version prior to reformulation and comments by all co-authors and reviewers. - Finally as guidelines for future similar illustrations and for curious readers all scanned preliminary sketches behind the published allergy diagram are provided, empowering others to follow the same simple steps.


Steps to reproduce

Handling of fire ants towards obtaining venom proteins was as described in details in linked Toxicon paper. Handling of rodents for hind footpad injections and measuring, plus dissection and processing of lymph nodes, dosage of cytokines, are described in details in the main manuscript and cited references. It should be mentioned that classical procedures were employed towards easy reproducibility by experienced immunology peers. R coding and plotting were written as detailed in the scripts file based on compiled R data. Production of the allergy diagram involved sketching with pencil on common A4 paper, scanning, applying ink with an ordinary Chinese ink pen, scanning, and gradually removing sketch lines and increasing ink thickness by filtering with levels adjustments and special effects. Colours were added with Windows 7 Paint painbucket and brush, and details assembled with Photoshop for Mac 2011, where dotted patterns are allowed.


Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro Instituto de Biofisica Carlos Chagas Filho, South China Agricultural University


Biochemistry, Zoology, Immunology, Entomology, Allergy, Chemical Ecology, Peptides, Medical Biology, Bioassay, Allergen, Immunotherapy, Toxins, Venom Peptide, Extraction Methods, Venom, Ant, Toxinology