Data set for the determination of paleointensities values recorded in three Mexican Quaternary volcanoes using a multi-methodological approach

Published: 13 September 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dk6frj4pjg.1
Nayeli Pérez-Rodríguez,


Modeling the evolution and variation of the geomagnetic field throughout the history of our planet requires the use of published paleomagnetic information for declination, inclination, and intensity values of the geomagnetic field. However, the fast and constant development of new paleointensity criteria to determine the data quality has led to discarding and/or using with great caution a large amount of the available information. The publication of raw paleointensity data allows overcoming this problem, since when new quality criteria appear in the literature, the raw data can be re-evaluated, thus enhancing the quality of a dataset. The dataset includes both the raw and the analyzed data.



Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico


Earth Sciences, Paleomagnetism