CG-1050: Original and tampered images (Color and grayscale)

Published: 17 August 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/dk84bmnyw9.2
, Dora Maria Ballesteros L,


This dataset is composed of 100 natural images, 1050 tampered counterparts, and 1380 masks. For every image were applied from 10 to 11 manipulations among copy-move, cut-paste, colorizing and retouching operations. The dataset is organized into four directories: Original images, Tampered images, Mask images, and a Description file.


Steps to reproduce

You can find the details in the following paper (please, cite the paper if you use this dataset) M. Castro, DM. Ballesteros, D. Renza, A dataset of 1050-tampered color and grayscale images (CG-1050), Data in brief, 2019 (under review).


Universidad Militar Nueva Granada


Image Processing, Classification System, Evidence Tampering