Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Students with Learning Disabilities at the Intermediate and Advanced Levels: A Multiple-Strategies Approach. Revised Edition

Published: 16 April 2024| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/dmhx5j3vyy.4
Abdel Salam El-Koumy


This revised edition updates and expands on the first edition published in 2016. In this revised edition, theories of different types of learning strategies are expanded and more recent studies are added. A large amount of tabular information is also reconstructed in a more meaningful manner. The book is divided into five chapters. Chapter one covers the different definitions of learning disabilities to reach a consensus with respect to the meaning of this term. Chapter two discusses learning strategies as a general instructional intervention for students with learning disabilities at the intermediate level and beyond. Each of the other three chapters in this book presents detailed theoretical and experimental information on a specific type of learning strategies and introduces an innovative multiple-strategies model for teaching a specific language skill to those students. Chapter three addresses the teaching of communication strategies to students with oral communication disabilities. Chapter four deals with the teaching of reading strategies to students with comprehension disabilities. The last chapter is concerned with the teaching of writing strategies to students with written expression disabilities. The book also contains a list of references and a subject index.



Suez University


Learning Disability, Teaching Model