The Stream Daylighting Literature Review Case Studies/Projects Dataset (Dataset III)

Published: 22 September 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/dmpcs82b23.2


This Dataset III: The Stream Daylighting Literature Review Case Studies/Projects Dataset ensued from a systematic literature review of 115 English language sources (with one exception: a Swiss-German Report on the City of Zürich's unique daylighting policy). This systematic review was combined with content analysis to extract from these sources the latent content in reference to the literature sources' less obvious characteristics and information that can be uncovered only by a thorough reading of each source’s text. Specifically, this dataset focuses on extracting information on the stream daylighting case studies/projects mentioned in the literature sources. Accordingly, we identify 145 different stream daylighting case studies/projects from the literature sources. We organize these case studies/projects in one Microsoft Excel Document (Database III) which consists of 20 variables that were primarily extracted from the latent contents of the 115 sources of literature on the daylighting (i.e., deculverting) of streams. In addition to the literature sources, we augmented this Dataset III with other sources (listed in column number T). These variables offer detailed information of the stream daylighting case studies/projects including: the names of the daylighting project and the daylighted/deculverted) stream or river; locational information (including, coordinates); completion year; treatment type; cost information (including, cost per metre); innovative implementation techniques (if any); and even whether the daylighted/deculverted stream is visible in Google Maps. Last, we also use the same primary key number (PK) to connect this Dataset III to our other two Datasets I and II, which are available at: and Role of the funding source: The funding for this research project was provided by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) under file number 435-2016-0243. SSHRC was not involved in the study design nor in the collection, analysis and interpretation of data.


Steps to reproduce

This Dataset III connects to our two other Datasets I and II using the primary key number (PK). Datasets I and II are available at: and


University of Waterloo


Ecosystem Services, River Ecosystem, Landscape Ecology, Landscape, Ecosystem, Urban Ecology, Urban Water, Landscape Architecture, Urbanization, River, Daylighting, Stream