Diversity and Structural Variability of Bacterial Microbial Communities in Rhizocompartments of Desert Leguminous Plants

Published: 1 February 2020| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/dmvkkh7gb2.4
Ziyuan Zhou


By assessing diversity variations of bacterial communities under different rhizocompartment types (i.e., roots, rhizosphere soil, root zone soil, and inter-shrub bulk soil), we explore the structural variability of bacterial communities in different root microenvironments under desert leguminous plant shrubs. Results will enable the influence of niche differentiation of plant roots and root-soil on the structural stability of bacterial communities under three desert leguminous plant shrubs to be examined. High-throughput 16S rRNA genome sequencing was used to characterize diversity and structural differences of bacterial microbes in the rhizocompartments of three xeric leguminous plants.



Beijing Forestry University


High-Throughput Sequencing