Avian biodiversity

Published: 24 March 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dnrws862p4.1
Papri Saha


In most parts of India, the Coucal is considered as a good omen. Sighting the bird or hearing it's call even on the eve of departure is believed to bring good luck to a journey. Among the 27 species of birds in cuckoo or cuculidae family, Coucal is one such bird which comes under the genus Centropus. They are loose plumages birds with rather stout, down curved bills, short wings and long graduated tails. It's plumage is black with purple glossy deep rufous coloured wings. Though weak fliers, they feed on large insects and can run down small rodents and reptiles.They lay eggs on low bush, where 3 to 5 eggs are placed in grass nest built on the ground. Thus being considered an auspicious Avian fauna, Coucal is prevented from being hunted in India, and therefore fall under least concern IUCN category.