Thermal and Electrical Measures of Cold-Welding Epoxy-Polypyrrole

Published: 23 August 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/dnx95zwc2x.1
Juan Jose Reyes Salgado


Measures presented in the IMRC 2023's conference titled: "Study of Physical Properties of Cold Welding Epoxy Matrix with Polypyrrole Inclusions." The data reservoir contains information from the samples' Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy, Thermal Relaxation, and Laser Flash Instruments. The samples were fabricated from Cold-Welding Epoxies and Polypyrrole inclusions with varying volume fraction ratios. JB Weld SteelStick 82675 (Steel reinforced epoxy putty), Devcon 3-40 (High-grade steel-filled epoxy putty), Devcon R2-42 (Steel filled epoxy adhesive), and Permatex Steel Weld 84109 (Multimetal epoxy adhesive) were cold welding epoxies used.


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Resistance and Capacitance were estimated from Bobe and Nyquist Plots corresponding to each sample organized in the Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy Folder. Volumetric Heat Capacity was measured by fitting the initial region-decreasing section of the plots generated by files with the legend Down in the Thermal Measures Folder. Thermal Diffusivity was measured from the middle-time rising of the plots generated by files with the legend Flash in the Thermal Measures Folder. The first column of the Thermal Measures files corresponds to the time number of measure; the base time used was 850 micro-seconds, the second column is the environment temperature, and the third column is the sample temperature; temperatures were measured in Fahrenheit degrees. The data will be treated as indicated in the following references: [1] Hatta, I., Heat capacity measurements by means of thermal relaxation method in medium temperature range. Review of Scientific Instruments 50, 292–295 (1979). [2] Magli ́c, K.D., Taylor, R.E.: In: Magli ́c, K.D., Cezairliyan, A., Peletsky, V.E. (eds.) The Apparatus for Thermal Diffusivity Measurement by the Laser Pulse Method, pp. 281–314. Springer, Boston, MA (1992).


Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla


Thermal Analysis, Electrical Impedance, Diffusivity